Would There Be Challenging Times for the US Dollar?

Posted April 27, 2015

This week would indeed prove challenging for the American currency, but in what regions and against which currencies? We have the answers.


Monday April 20 2015

The US dollar faced the British pound with an opening rate of 0.6657 today, but this soon improved to 0.6710 by the day’s end. Would this great start bode well for the remainder of the week? The dollar had another good start against the euro too, riding to 0.9325 from the opening rate of 0.9247 today. Let’s now check the third European currency the dollar faced up against last week – the Swiss franc. The dollar opened on 0.9521 and had a pretty good day, rising further to 0.9589 by Monday’s end.

Tuesday April 21 2015

We had another good showing against the pound today, as the US dollar edged up a little more to 0.6716. Small improvements were also seen against the euro, as the dollar managed to get a higher rate of 0.9345 to close on. However the same couldn’t be said of the dollar’s performance against the Swiss franc. Here it managed to drop back a little, although thankfully not much, to 0.9581 today.

Wednesday April 22 2015

We knew there had to be a drop somewhere, and the dollar experienced it against the pound today. It fell back to 0.6635 in the process – taking it lower than it had been on Monday morning. Today was the first day the dollar didn’t manage to improve against the euro too, taking it to 0.9308 as a result. Better news was in store against the Swiss franc though, as the dollar rose to a more impressive 0.9609.

Thursday April 23 2015

Back to improvements today for the US dollar, at least where the British pound was concerned. The rise was small but it still left the dollar on 0.6656 by the end of the day. The same could not be said against the euro though, as it appeared the US dollar could not maintain the improvements it had made earlier in the week. Instead it ended on 0.9283. More good news could however be found in the position of the dollar versus the Swiss franc, as the dollar pushed up to 0.9638 with just one day left to go. Could it achieve another good result to finish the week on?

Friday April 24 2015

If we were hoping for another great showing by the dollar against the pound today, we would be disappointed. In fact the dollar finished on its lowest rate for the entire week, closing things out on 0.6614 in the process. Another drop was in store against the euro too, as the dollar slid further to finish the week on 0.9238, slightly lower than it had begun the week on. We didn’t get the good result we wanted to close on against the Swiss franc though. Instead the US dollar finished today on 0.9551, although that was marginally better than Monday’s opening rate had been at least.