Would the US Dollar Have the Best Results This Week?

Posted October 07, 2015

Sometimes the US dollar does better than you’d expect. Unfortunately this didn’t look like a week where that would happen. Check out what happened in our latest report from the currency markets.


Monday September 14 2015

The US dollar began trading on 0.6483 against the British pound today, and had a good start too, rising to 0.6487. Only a slight rise, but it’s a positive start. What would the rest of the week have in store? The week did not begin as well as we would have liked against the euro though. Here the dollar began on 0.8874 but dropped to 0.8845 today. Over in another corner of Europe the dollar started on 0.9789 against the Swiss franc, but dropped to 0.9711, completing the challenges seen today.

Tuesday September 15 2015

More good news against the British pound today as the dollar edged up to 0.6489 today. They are small increases but it’s better than the opposite. After yesterday’s poor start against the euro there was more of the same today. By the time trading had ended the dollar was stalled on 0.8833. The same story was repeated against the Swiss franc as well. Here the dollar fell back to 0.9691 today. Would there be more of the same throughout the rest of the week?

Wednesday September 16 2015

Finally we have a loss against the pound. The US dollar dipped a little to 0.6471 today. Would we have more of the same over the next couple days or would there be better news? There was better news against the euro today at least. The dollar rose to 0.8906, achieving the best rate of the week so far. Could it keep this up? Finally some better news came forth against the Swiss franc as well. Here the dollar perked up to 0.9746 today.

Thursday September 17 2015

Another loss today against the pound – and this time it was more significant. A loss of 0.469% meant the dollar dipped down to 0.6441 today. Would it be able to remedy that on the final day of the week? There was another dip against the euro as well, disappointingly, and as a result the dollar was stalled on 0.8840 by the close of trading. We saw good news against the Swiss franc yesterday but it wouldn’t continue today. Instead the dollar slid back to 0.9679.

Friday September 18 2015

The US dollar finished up in bad shape against the British pound this week. After a good start it hadn’t been able to do anything better, and today it finished on 0.6391 – the lowest rate of the week too. A similar story played out against the euro as well. Here the US dollar dropped to just 0.8757, once again giving it the lowest rate of the entire week against that single currency. Finally there was another drop against the Swiss franc, and again it took the dollar to its lowest point this week. It finished on 0.9556 against the Swiss currency.