Would the US Dollar Do Well or Badly in Europe this Week?

Posted April 07, 2017

That is the question we always pose when writing this review, and this week, you will see we had a mix of results to go through.


Monday March 27, 2017

Here we go, then, with the US dollar immediately dipping against the British pound as the week began. This was unfortunate, taking the dollar from 0.8014 to 0.7934 today. Our next stop in Europe was the euro, and the dollar began on 0.9254 here, before falling to 0.9183 to close the day. Finally, the third European stop of the week for the dollar was the Swiss franc, where it began trading on 0.9919. Unfortunately, it didn’t do well here either, dropping to 0.9838 today. This was far from the start we had hoped for.

Tuesday March 28, 2017

Better news came up for the dollar today – against the British currency, at least – because it moved up to finish on 0.7961. Where would it go from here, though – up or down? It went up against the euro today, rising to 0.9208, although this was still lower than the rate it had started on yesterday, before the dip was seen. We did have slightly better news against the Swiss franc, as the dollar moved ahead to 0.9847 today.

Wednesday March 29, 2017

Another promising day was lodged for the dollar against the pound today, with the dollar moving up further to close things out on 0.8037 – by far the best rate of this week. With two more days to go, could it do better still? Good news came against the euro, though, as it hit the highest rate it had all week. The dollar ended trading today on 0.9304. It was a healthy day against the Swiss currency as well, especially since it hit a high of 0.9966 to end on.

Thursday March 30, 2017

We’d been hoping for good news towards the end of the week against the pound, especially after the dollar’s performance yesterday. However, it dipped again today, falling to 0.8026. What would the final day bring? It was doing well against the euro, however, especially after a shaky start seen earlier in the week. Today, it managed to finish on 0.9313. There was a slight change against the Swiss franc, resulting in a slightly lower rate of 0.9963 today. What would the final outcome be tomorrow as the markets closed?

Friday March 31, 2017

We somehow knew the US dollar wouldn’t end on a good note. Today, we ended up with the dollar stalling on 0.8002 against the pound, just a little lower than it had opened on back on Monday morning. There was a different picture against the euro, though, because the dollar managed to close out the week on 0.9353 here. This was easily the best rate we had seen all week, which was encouraging and held out some promise for next week, too. The dollar saved the best for last against the Swiss franc, finishing on an impressive 1.0004 today.