Will the US Dollar Have a Challenging Week?

Posted February 23, 2015

Some weeks are always going to be more challenging than others. But which side of the line would this week stray beyond?


Monday February 16 2015

Let’s get started then with the US dollar up against the British pound. The dollar started up on 0.6502 and rose slightly today to a closing rate of 0.6505. Elsewhere the dollar started on a rate of 0.8786 against the euro before falling to close on 0.8765. With the Swiss franc things were looking more encouraging. Here the dollar managed to rise to 0.9314 today from the starting rate of 0.9292, so this was a good start. Could it keep this up though?

Tuesday February 17 2015

After yesterday’s subtle increase against the pound, the dollar was able to add on a little more today. It finished up with a rate of 0.6512, but would this point the way to healthier rates throughout the rest of the week too? We fell against the euro yesterday and we did the same today as well, dropping to 0.8760. After yesterday’s great start against the Swiss franc the dollar did drop by a marginal amount today, falling to 0.9313 in the process. This only marked out a drop of 0.0001 though, so it was a small change.

Wednesday February 18 2015

No surprise to learn we dropped in value today as the dollar settled on 0.6482 against the pound. Finally we had some good news against the euro though, as the dollar perked up to close things out on 0.8793. We were definitely back on track against the Swiss franc though, soaring to a closing rate of 0.9415 today. Would this bode well for the remainder of the week from today onwards?

Thursday February 19 2015

After yesterday’s drop we hoped for better today. We didn’t exactly get it but the dollar stalled on 0.6480 instead. There was another drop against the euro though, taking the dollar down to 0.8781, which was a disappointment. Finally we had some good news for the day as the US dollar managed to rack up another improvement against the Swiss franc. It managed to close out on 0.9480 today. Would it manage to do the same again tomorrow though?

Friday February 20 2015

The US dollar ended up on 0.6503 today against the British pound, cancelling out the losses of the past couple days and actually finishing up better off than it had started too. We didn’t hold out much hope for achieving much against the euro after the performance so far this week but we were wrong. In reality we managed to rise up to 0.8851 for an impressive closing rate. We also got what we wanted against the Swiss franc today as the dollar edged up to finish the week on 0.9486. This turned out to be the best rate of the week, so we were definitely able to leave the best until last. Would this lead us into a better performance next week too?