Where Would the Good News Come From?

Posted August 18, 2015

Sometimes we question where the good news would turn out to arise for the US dollar. This week the answer was not easy to find. Let’s see how things turned out over the course of five days’ trading.


Monday August 3 2015

The US dollar was worth 0.6420 against the British pound as the week got underway. There was a marginal drop today though, pushing the dollar back to 0.6417 today. Was this a sign of things to come? It had a better day against the euro though, rising from 0.9118 to close out trading on 0.9131. Against the Swiss franc the dollar started on 0.9633 and had a good day today at least, rising to 0.9677 in the process.

Tuesday August 4 2015

Another drop for the dollar today as it fell further against the pound, this time reaching 0.6404. There was more bad news against the euro as the dollar slipped back to 0.9113 today. Would it be able to push back later in the week to achieve a better closing rate overall? We’d have to see how things progressed. We had a good result against the Swiss franc anyway, the second one in a row, resulting in the dollar reaching 0.9696 today.

Wednesday August 5 2015

More bad news for the US dollar today, at least as far as the pound was concerned. It finished up with a rate of 0.6398 by the time trading was done for the day. The opposite was true for the dollar versus the euro though. Here it managed to get a better outcome, rising to 0.9188 in the process. More good news came the way of the dollar against the Swiss currency too though, making this an area of interest this week. It rose to 0.9793 today.

Thursday August 6 2015

Finally some good news for the US dollar – it rose to 0.6443 against the pound today. It dropped against the euro though, if only by a small amount. That meant it finished the day’s trading on 0.9186. Would the dollar be able to push back to get in another good day before the week was over? It was running out of time to make it happen. Things were still going well against the Swiss franc though. The dollar increased its standing to 0.9841 today.

Friday August 7 2015

We wanted another good day today for the dollar and we got it, if only marginally. It rose slightly to finish on 0.6444 against the British pound. It didn’t repeat this against the euro though, instead finishing on 0.9139. Finally we saw a drop in the value of the dollar versus the Swiss franc, as it fell to 0.9814 today. At least this didn’t take the dollar to a lower exchange rate than it had started with – far from it in fact. This was by far the best result we’d seen all week, which gave us hope we might see some good results next week as well.