Ups and Downs Throughout the Week on the Currency Markets

Posted August 18, 2015

This week would produce no real pattern for the US dollar as it went up against a variety of other currencies. Here we find out what actually happened.


Monday August 3 2015

The US dollar began the week with a rate of 0.6444 against the British pound. It got off to a great start too, if a subtle one, by improving to 0.6451. Did this bode well for the rest of the week too? We didn’t have the best start against the euro today though, sinking to 0.9124 from an opening rate of 0.9139. Back to good news against the Swiss franc though, as the dollar started on 0.9814 and finished on 0.9854.

Tuesday August 4 2015

After yesterday’s great start the dollar didn’t do so well against the British pound today. It finished slightly lower on 0.6411. The same result panned out against the euro too, as the dollar fell to 0.9045 today. And once again we had some bad news against the Swiss franc, as the dollar slipped back to close out things on 0.9822.

Wednesday August 5 2015

Another loss came the way of the dollar today as it sank to 0.6408 against the British pound. Would it end up sliding back further tomorrow and Friday as well? We had another loss against the euro as well, making it the third day in a row this had happened. It meant we finished up on 0.8964. Another drop came the way of the dollar against the Swiss franc too, as the dollar dropped to 0.9739 today. Would we see more of the same throughout the rest of the week?

Thursday August 6 2015

We asked a question of the US dollar yesterday and unfortunately the answer looked like it was going to be yes. The dollar fell to 0.6396 today and with one day left to go, no one would bet against another loss happening then too. Finally we had a little good news against the euro today as the dollar managed to edge up to 0.9001 this time. Would we manage to get a similar result against the euro tomorrow as well though? After a couple of poorly-performing days we managed to get some good news today by way of a great result against the Swiss franc. We only managed to climb to 0.9765 but it was better than nothing.

Friday August 7 2015

We did see another loss against the pound today but it was a minor one that happened several decimal points in. This meant for all intents and purposes the dollar finished on 0.6396 today as well. The same happened against the euro too, so yesterday was the one reasonable day we’d had against the single currency. Today the dollar finished on 0.8951, significantly lower than it had started with on Monday. And with just the US dollar versus the Swiss franc to check on today, we weren’t surprised to find we had dropped in value here too. The Swiss franc knocked the dollar back to close on 0.9735.