Things Get Better and Better for the US Dollar

Posted April 13, 2017

You’ve heard of saving the best until last – well, we saw this in more than one part of the world this week, as far as the US dollar and its exchange rates were concerned.


Monday April 3, 2017

Anyone wanting a good start for the US dollar against the British pound today didn’t get it – instead, the dollar dropped slightly from 0.8002 to 0.7997. How would things pan out for the rest of the week? It had a better start against the euro, though, rising from 0.9353 to begin and reaching 0.9379 today. Meanwhile, the US dollar began on 1.0004 against the Swiss franc – about as close to parity as it is possible to get. This increased on day one this week, rising to 1.0019.

Tuesday April 4, 2017

After a poor start yesterday, the dollar more than made up for it against the pound today. In doing so, it rose to 0.8038, giving us hope the rest of the week would continue in much the same vein. Only time would tell. There was good news against the euro as well, as the US dollar rose again today to reach 0.9388. Could this continue through the rest of the week as well? Another good day occurred for the dollar versus the Swiss franc, taking the currency to 1.0020 today.

Wednesday April 5, 2017

More bad news today, although the dollar didn’t quite fall back to its opening rate. Instead, it dipped to 0.8008 against the British pound. We were clearly in for a rough week. We had to see a dip against the euro eventually, surely, and that dip came today as the dollar slid back to 0.9365. No such news came against the Swiss franc, though, where instead there was another improvement today. This took the dollar to 1.0028.

Thursday April 6, 2017

Better news today, thankfully, as the US dollar pushed ahead to achieve a rate of 0.8024 against the British pound. Where would this leave us when tomorrow’s trading was done as well? Better news came against the euro as well – ideal after yesterday’s blip – and this led to a closing rate of 0.9375 for the US currency. We were used to rises for the dollar against the Swiss franc this week, and today was no exception, the dollar rising to 1.0033. Could it make it five-out-of-five?

Friday April 7, 2017

We always like to save the best until last if we can, and the US dollar managed just that against the British pound this week. It finished higher than yesterday on 0.8050, which also turned out to be the best rate of the week. The same pattern was happily achieved once again where the dollar went up against the euro. This led to a closing exchange rate of 0.9407 today. The dollar did indeed make it five good results out of five against the Swiss currency this week, closing on an impressive 1.0061 to finish in good style.