The US Dollar Flourishes This Week

Posted March 09, 2015

This week would turn out to be one of the best the US dollar has recorded in quite some time. Could it manage to achieve great results all round this week?


Monday March 2 2015

The dollar got started in fine fashion today against the British pound at least. It began on 0.6475 and ended the day on 0.6496, raising hopes of a great week ahead. An equally good start was seen against the euro, as the dollar went from 0.8896 to 0.8907 today. Would we see more of the same tomorrow too? Moving on to the Swiss franc now, it soon became clear the US dollar was putting in an excellent raft of performances this week. It started on an exchange rate of 0.9462 against the Swiss franc but soon improved that to close on 0.9551 today.

Tuesday March 3 2015

If we were pleased with yesterday’s result, today’s was better still. The dollar rose again, this time to 0.6515 against the pound. Another good result was seen against the euro today, as the dollar rose further to 0.8954. After yesterday’s healthy rise against the Swiss franc, there was more good news today. The dollar pushed on further and closed on 0.9613 as a result.

Wednesday March 4 2015

Still no sign of any losses against the pound this week as the dollar edged up a little further to 0.6525 today. The same could be said of the dollar versus the euro, which was struggling to put in a reasonable performance against the American currency. This sent the dollar higher to 0.8989 today. More good news came by way of the dollar’s performance against the Swiss franc today, although it was muted compared to previous days. It pushed ahead a little but the difference was only seen several decimal points further than is usually the case (0.961318 to 0.961345).

Thursday March 5 2015

Four days of improvements in a row took the US dollar to 0.6550 against the pound – but would it be able to make five in a row tomorrow? We started to wonder the same thing against the euro too, as the dollar rose yet again, taking the currency to 0.9034 today. After the small rise we saw against the Swiss franc yesterday the dollar was keen to show there was better news in store today. This sent it up to 0.9663 as a result. Would it be able to replicate this for one more day?

Friday March 6 2015

Finally today the dollar closed things out in style against the British pound. It finished on 0.6585 in the end, just over a cent higher than it had started on Monday morning. We got five out of five against the euro too, finishing on a great note today as the dollar soared to 0.9121. The healthy week for the dollar was confirmed one last time against the Swiss franc too, taking the final exchange rate for the week to 0.9760 as a result.