The Results are Split Between Good and Bad

Posted March 04, 2014

This would be one of those weeks that looked to be split in two halves. But where would the US dollar fall in the grand scheme of things? You’d be surprised just how interesting the results are in depth.


Monday January 13 2014

As the week got underway the US dollar stood at 0.6094 against the British pound. It didn’t start well though and by the day’s end the dollar had slipped marginally to 0.6091. As far as its position against the Euro was concerned the dollar struggled here as well. It dropped from 0.7359 to 0.7323 as a result. Elsewhere in Europe the dollar had a bad day against the Swiss franc as well. Here it began on 0.9083 but the exchange rate fell in favor of the Swiss currency, sending the dollar back to 0.9039 in the process.

Tuesday January 14 2014

There was more bad news in store for the dollar today too as it fell further to 0.6083 against the British pound. Would this be a trend we would see more of for the remainder of the week? The same pattern was followed against the Euro as the dollar fell further to 0.7316. And once again we saw there was more bad news to be withstood against the Swiss franc, as the dollar slipped to 0.9024. At least some of these drops were fairly small in nature.

Wednesday January 15 2014

After two dismal days against the pound, the US dollar finally found something to fight back with today. It rose to 0.6101 by the end of trading, so that gave us some good news. A similar picture could be seen against the Euro as well, as the dollar rose to 0.7349. We made it three out of three against the Swiss franc too, as the dollar improved to 0.9079.

Thursday January 16 2014

Yesterday’s good news turned out to be more than just a one off as well. Today we saw the dollar rise to 0.6120 against the pound. And once again the pattern against the Euro was pretty much the same. The dollar ended up on 0.7354 here so we could celebrate another small rise. Once again it was three out of three today as far as the exchange rate against the Swiss franc was concerned. The dollar improved to 0.9082.

Friday January 17 2014

So far the week has been evenly split between good and bad results. Today would unfortunately see the dollar fall against the pound, dropping to 0.6082 as a result. We managed to achieve something better against the Euro though, as the dollar improved a little further to close out the week on 0.7361. But again we were back into disappointing territory as far as the Swiss franc was concerned. The European currency pushed the dollar back to 0.9078 as a result. So it really was a tough week which produced a bad start followed by a good midweek session, and a mix of results towards the end.