The Dollar Struggles to Achieve Much This Week

Posted December 10, 2013

Some weeks are packed full of results that don’t see much in the way of good or bad results. However this week would turn out to be a struggle for the US dollar as it tried its best to tread water throughout the week.


Monday December 2 2013

We got things started against the British pound with a rate of 0.6118 today, but we didn’t exactly have the best start. By the time the day was done the dollar had slipped to 0.6102. Over in mainland Europe the dollar was standing at 0.7347 against the Euro as the week got underway. This improved to 0.7387 by the day’s end, so that was good news for sure. Let’s look at how the US dollar managed against the Canadian dollar now, as the US version began on 1.0575. This actually rose today and finished off on 1.0628.

Tuesday December 3 2013

After yesterday’s drop we were hoping for a little better against the pound today, but it didn’t happen. Instead we dropped further to close things out on 0.6091. We had a little bad news today against the Euro as well, as the dollar fell back to 0.7364. Yesterday’s good result against the Canadian dollar was bolstered by another good outcome today, taking the US dollar higher to 1.0653 in the process.

Wednesday December 4 2013

Things were finally looking up today as the British pound started slipping back instead of the dollar. This meant we closed out the day on 0.6106. We had more bad news against the Euro as well, as the dollar slid back to 0.7357. Was there anything we could do here to make things a little better by the end of the week? We would find out soon enough. The rate of improvement against the Canadian dollar slowed today but we still had a better rate in store as the US dollar finished the day on 1.0656.

Thursday December 5 2013

It’s been a tough week so far but things carried on getting better against the pound after yesterday’s slight improvement. This saw the dollar perk up to 0.6115 by the end of the day. There was no such perk up against the Euro, but the dollar did at least reduce the slide a little, closing on 0.7356 today. We saw another marginal improvement against the Canadian dollar, but only of 0.006% on the day, taking it to 1.065691 in the process.

Friday December 6 2013

Finally the US dollar managed to close on a better note for today too. As the week came to an end the dollar climbed a little to 0.6118. And over in Europe the Euro proved to be a little stronger than the dollar too, pushing it back to a finishing rate of 0.7320. Finally we saw the first drop of the week against the Canadian dollar – to 1.0649 – but it wasn’t enough to wipe out all the good news that had been done up to this point.