Swings from One Way to the Next for the US Dollar

Posted May 28, 2015

Some weeks see major swings from one direction to the other for various currencies. This week we’d see this happening for the US dollar.


Monday May 18 2015

The US dollar started out on 0.6365 against the British pound this week and soon got a good result to carry things on, rising to 0.6383 in the process. Could it manage to continue this throughout the week as well? Against the euro the start was not as good. Here the dollar slipped from 0.8827 to 0.8780 today. The pattern against the euro was repeated by the Swiss franc too, as the dollar went from 0.9236 to 0.9203 today.

Tuesday May 19 2015

Another good result for the US dollar today as it crept up further to achieve a rate of 0.6456 against the pound. This was even better than yesterday but would it continue? After yesterday’s fall against the euro the dollar managed to do something far better today. It rose to 0.8944 as a result. More good news came today against the Swiss franc as the dollar pushed up to 0.9320.

Wednesday May 20 2015

We somehow knew the dollar would slide against the pound eventually, and today was the day where that happened. By the time trading was over it was lower on 0.6437. There was better news against the euro though as the dollar edged up further today to 0.8994. We are also able to report on encouraging signs against the Swiss franc as the dollar finished in good order on 0.9380 today.

Thursday May 21 2015

Another disappointment came the way of the US dollar today as the pound pushed back once again. By the time the day was over the dollar was lower again on 0.6376. We knew things would go down a similar route against the euro too eventually, and today saw another disappointment much as it had at the start of the week. As a result the dollar slipped back to 0.8982. Unfortunately the dollar dropped against the Swiss franc this time around as the currency fell back to 0.9336 today. Could it produce a more encouraging result to finish off the week tomorrow, or had it already seen the best that it could manage?

Friday May 22 2015

We were hoping the dollar would perk up a little by the end of today, and thankfully that’s exactly what happened. The dollar managed to finish off against the pound with a rate of 0.6393 – better than Monday’s opening rate. If we were hoping for a slightly better rate to finish on against the euro today we were going to be disappointed though. It actually finished off slightly lower on 0.8957, although this was at least better than it had started out on back on Monday morning. The answer to yesterday’s question against the Swiss franc was also in, as the dollar slipped back just a little further to close out another week on 0.9330.