Stormy Waters for the US Dollar

Posted March 17, 2014

Some weeks present us with a real mix of results, and it looked as though this would be one of those weeks. We’ve got all the answers here so you can see how things progressed day by day this time around.


Monday March 10 2014

The week got started with the US dollar standing at 0.5963 against the British pound. We had a good start too as it rose to 0.6006 today. The dollar had an opening rate of 0.7197 against the Euro and improved here as well, rising to 0.7204 in the process. The third European currency to look at is the Swiss franc, and here the US dollar began the day on 0.8774 and ended it on 0.8783, so it was good news here to begin with at least. Would it last throughout the week though? It was probably a little too much to hope for.

Tuesday March 11 2014

We started well today as there was more good news against the pound. The dollar edged up a little further to close out on 0.6018. Could it keep this up for the entire week? The pattern was repeated against the Euro, as the dollar improved to 0.7220 today. We saw another slight change – and a good one at that – against the Swiss franc too. The dollar rose to 0.8790 today. Everything was going well so far – but would it last?

Wednesday March 12 2014

There was a small change today but only a tiny one, because the dollar crept up to 0.6019. Was this the beginning of a slide? The same was seen against the Euro too, although this really was a slide, because the dollar dropped to 0.7200. We saw a similar picture against the Swiss franc as the dollar fell to 0.8755. Today looked like the beginning of the bad news we were half expecting to see develop this week. But there are still two more days to go.

Thursday March 13 2014

As we suspected, the dollar lost ground against the pound today, falling to 0.5992 in the process. The only question now was whether it would continue to do the same tomorrow as well. There was a drop against the Euro here as well as the dollar fell to 0.7172. And we made it three out of three because the dollar also fell against the Swiss franc, closing on 0.8721 as a result.

Friday March 14 2014

There was good news to end on today, as the US dollar rose once more to end the week on 0.6026 against the pound – a better result than it had started with. It also managed to climb back up against the Euro, rising to 0.7202 today. We also saw another improvement against the Swiss franc. The dollar managed to recover some of the losses it had sustained by closing on 0.8732 today. The bad news was this was lower than it had started the week on, so we were hoping for better news next time around.