Saving the Best for Last

Posted September 07, 2015

Most weeks have good and bad results. However it is the order they come in that can make a significant difference to how the US dollar does overall. Never has this been easier to see than this week.


Monday August 31 2015

Well the dollar didn’t get the best start against the British pound; it began the week on 0.6497 but ended up on 0.6487 at the end of today. Would this be how things would pan out for the entire week? Elsewhere in Europe the dollar went from an opening rate of 0.8874 against the euro to 0.8916 today. Could it build on this as the week went on? Against the Swiss franc the dollar started trading on 0.9590 today. This improved to 0.9652 by the day’s end, giving us another great result to start with at least.

Tuesday September 1 2015

Better news came against the British pound today as the US dollar rose to 0.6521. Hopefully we would be able to string a few good days together from now on. Not so good was the performance against the euro today, as the dollar fell back to 0.8899. We didn’t do well against the Swiss franc either. Here the dollar dropped from yesterday’s good result to close on 0.9634 today.

Wednesday September 2 2015

Another good result against the British pound today, as the US dollar rose to 0.6547. With two days still to go though, anything could happen. Another disappointing day came against the euro however. Here the dollar slid back to finish the day on 0.8884. Could it improve on this with just two more days of trading to go this week? We would soon find out. We had more encouraging news against the Swiss franc as well, as the dollar edged up to a stronger rate of 0.9655 today.

Thursday September 3 2015

Finally another loss came today for the dollar. It dropped back to 0.6541 against the pound. We did however get better news for the US dollar against the euro, where it managed to climb to a day-closing rate of 0.8905. Was it saving the best for last? This certainly seemed to be the picture over in Switzerland as well, because the dollar pushed ahead to close on 0.9709 today. With just one more day left, could we get another good result tomorrow as well?

Friday September 4 2015

After yesterday’s marginal loss against the pound, the dollar rose to finish the week in better shape. It ended the day on 0.6567 – the best rate of the entire week. Another great result was achieved against the euro too. Here the dollar managed to end the week on 0.8978, which again was the highest rate we had seen this week. We managed to make it three out of three as the dollar had the best ending against the Swiss franc as well, rising to 0.9731 in the process. As we promised in the title of this article, the US dollar really did have the best results right at the end of the week.