Saving the Best for Last on the Currency Markets

Posted September 01, 2015

Some weeks start with little fanfare but end in a very different position. This would be one of those weeks, at least as far as the US dollar was concerned.


Monday August 24 2015

As the week got underway the US dollar began trading on 0.6380 against the British pound. It didn’t have the best start though as by the end of the day it had dropped to 0.6351. There was further bad news against the euro too, because the dollar fell from 0.8864 here to 0.8697 today. This was a significant drop in just a day. Would it get worse still over the remainder of the week? Our third contest in Europe was against the Swiss franc, where the dollar began trading on 0.9542. Unfortunately it fell to 0.9373 on day one.

Tuesday August 25 2015

Another drop was in store for the US dollar today as the pound pushed it back to 0.6335. At least this wasn’t as large as the drop we’d seen yesterday. After yesterday’s drop against the euro at least we managed to stall the losses today, as the dollar finished in unsteady fashion on 0.8691. Better news came against the Swiss franc though, as the dollar pushed back to end on 0.9415.

Wednesday August 26 2015

Finally some good news came the way of the dollar today, as it rose to 0.6414 against the pound. This gave it a rise of around 1.2% against yesterday’s figure. Better news against the euro at last too, as the dollar pushed back to close out today on 0.8770. Could it grab back all the losses it had endured so far? The dollar continued its performance against the Swiss franc as well, as it achieved a higher rate of 0.9452 by the end of the day.

Thursday August 27 2015

More good news for the dollar today after those two bad days at the beginning of the week. Now we had two good days in a row, with today’s performance taking the US dollar up to 0.6479. Could we get in another good result tomorrow as well to finish on a good note? We had another healthy result against the euro as well, as the dollar added on more than a 1% increase and rose to 0.8862 as a result. Still more good news was in store against the Swiss franc, where it was looking increasingly like Monday’s rate was a blip. Today the dollar finished on 0.9545.

Friday August 28 2015

We got what we wanted today. The US dollar edged up a little more to finish on 0.6497 against the British pound, so all in all it hadn’t been a bad week here. Saving the best for last seemed to be a theme this week. The dollar managed to get its best result of the week against the euro today as well, rising to 0.8874 in the process. And the dollar finished in style against the Swiss franc as well, closing out the week on 0.9590 as a result.