Poor Results for the US Dollar – But Not in Every Part of Europe

Posted August 01, 2017

Some of the European currencies had a tough time in store for the American currency last week. But it didn’t spread to every currency around, as we will see.


Monday July 24, 2017

As the week began, the US dollar stood at 0.7697 against the British pound. Sadly, we couldn’t build on that, instead falling to 0.7670 on day one. Would we do better as the week went on? We had bad news against the euro too, as the dollar started on 0.8589 before dropping to 0.8585 today. The week did not begin well against the Swiss franc either, as the dollar opened on 0.9492 and closed the day’s trading on 0.9460.


Tuesday July 25, 2017

Another fall came against the British pound today, as the US dollar hit a lower point of 0.7644 – around the same fall as yesterday in percentage terms. We had a bigger loss against the euro compared to yesterday though, as the dollar fell to 0.8551 today. Would we see any improvements against the single currency? The same pattern of losses was seen again where the Swiss currency was concerned. The dollar slid back slightly by 0.005%, which meant the rate didn’t move from 0.9460 as it only affected further decimal places.


Wednesday July 26, 2017

Finally, we had some better news against the pound today. The dollar managed to edge up to 0.7667, although this was still some way off the rate we’d begun with on Monday morning. We had waited until now to see some improvements against the euro as well, and today we finally got a better rate of 0.8588. What would the remaining two days have in store for us? We had good news against the Swiss franc too, after feeling the losses might be stalling from yesterday. Today, the dollar ended on 0.9577.


Thursday July 27, 2017

Disappointment came again for the US dollar against the British pound today, as the latter currency pushed the dollar back to 0.7608. Could we manage to do anything to stop the losses on the final day of the week? We’d soon know for sure. The same pattern played out against the euro today, as the dollar fell to 0.8551 here, wiping out all the improvement it had made yesterday. We had better news against the Swiss currency, as the dollar increased to 0.9604.


Friday July 28, 2017

We did get some good news against the pound as the week came to an end. The dollar managed to increase its standing to 0.7636 today, although this was still some way from the opening rate we’d started with on Monday. No such good news was seen against the euro today though, because the dollar slid again to close on a lower rate of 0.8525 – lower than we’d begun the week on. But we did have some good news to close on as the US dollar climbed to 0.9682 against the Swiss franc. That was good to know, and saved us from a week of solid losses.