More Challenges for the US Dollar This Week

Posted October 22, 2013

Let’s check out the position the US dollar was in last time around, as it competed against all manner of other currencies on the markets. Find out more now as we delve into the exchange rates for last week.


Monday September 30 2013

The US dollar was worth 0.6205 against the British pound at the start of the week, but by the time today was over it had slid in value. This meant it was only worth 0.6190 – a small difference but a difference all the same. In contrast there was an improvement against the Euro, as the dollar rose from 0.7387 to 0.7404 on day one of the new week. Another opening rate – of 0.9047 against the Swiss franc – improved slightly too, as the US dollar upped its game to 0.9052.

Tuesday October 1 2013

Yesterday’s drop against the British pound was repeated today, taking the dollar lower to a closing rate of 0.6156 in the process. We saw an improvement against the Euro yesterday but it was all wiped out today as the dollar dropped back to close things out on a disappointing 0.7377. The same story was heard again and again as the US dollar nosedived against the Swiss franc too, taking it down to 0.9040 in the process.

Wednesday October 2 2013

There was better news for the dollar today as it managed to get the upper hand against the pound, rising to 0.6171. More good news was available elsewhere too, as the dollar got a better rate of 0.7399 against the European single currency. After yesterday’s drop against the Swiss franc we were back in a good position today here as well, as the dollar rose to 0.9057.

Thursday October 3 2013

We saw the US dollar rise a little more yesterday and although it did well again today, it wasn’t quite as good as it had been previously. Instead it rose marginally to close on 0.6174. After yesterday’s good news against the Euro we should perhaps have expected a disappointment today, and we certainly got it. The dollar dived to a closing rate of 0.7356 so it wasn’t looking good for a good finish tomorrow. We were in a similar position here when it came to the Swiss franc as well, as the closing exchange rate was 0.9030.

Friday October 4 2013

The US dollar was obviously keen on saving the best until last today, as it managed to finish with a flourish and gain a closing rate of 0.6230 against the pound. The US dollar did manage to add on a little against the Euro too – although if you didn’t go down to a few decimal points you wouldn’t have seen it. It improved from 0.735619 to 0.735673. The difference was almost as small against the Swiss franc as well, as the dollar dipped to close out the week on 0.9027. So it was a mix of results but there were no real successes among them.