Mixed Blessings and Fortunes for the US Dollar

Posted July 11, 2016

It would be a mixed week this time around for the American currency. But where would the good news come from, and would it be enough to announce the week as a good one overall? We would soon have the answers.


Monday June 27 2016

The week began with the US dollar standing at 0.7297 against the British pound, but that soon changed – and for the better too. The day-ending rate was increased to a huge 0.7583. Would there be other increases this week as well? Elsewhere in Europe, the dollar perked up against the euro today as well, rising from 0.9036 to 0.9092. Elsewhere, the dollar began trading against the Swiss franc with a rate of 0.9766. This rate was forgotten by the day’s end though, as it dropped to 0.9761.

Tuesday June 28 2016

Today we actually dropped against the pound, but maybe that was to be expected after yesterday’s huge rise. We managed to keep the drop to a minimum though, as we settled on 0.7470. After a good start yesterday, we had a drop against the euro today as well. We fell back to 0.9030. We did however improve to 0.9794 today against the Swiss currency.

Wednesday June 29 2016

Another tiny drop for the dollar against the pound today, as the American currency slid a little to close out on 0.7443. It was more of the same against the euro too, as the US dollar really started to struggle there. It ended today on 0.9017, and we started to ponder the idea that the rest of the week could see more losses as well. Maybe we could stall the losses tomorrow? After yesterday’s rise, we dropped back against the Swiss franc today to finish on 0.9787.

Thursday June 30 2016

Finally, we were back to good news today, as the dollar rose to 0.7444. Did it have a little more in the locker to ensure a good finish tomorrow? We would soon find out. We did want to stop the losses against the euro, but we certainly didn’t manage it today. Instead, we dropped a little further, finishing up with a closing exchange rate of 0.9007 today. Would the dollar end up dropping below the 0.90 rate as the week came to a close? We did manage a slight increase to 0.9788 against the Swiss currency.

Friday July 1 2016

Today ended well for the US dollar – at least where the battle with the pound was concerned. The dollar finished on 0.7528 – much higher than the opening rate had been earlier in the week. However, we didn’t get any good news against the euro. Instead, the dollar dipped even lower to finish on 0.8980 today. And there was one more piece of bad news to come as the dollar fell to end the week on 0.9730 versus the Swiss currency. So there were some pieces of good news in there, but they were scattered among some bad news as well.