Leaving the Best Until Last?

Posted December 02, 2015

This would be an impressive week all in all for the US dollar. However, it would have to put in five days’ worth of effort before those efforts really paid off.


Monday November 23 2015

There was an encouraging start to the week for the US dollar as it improved from 0.6558 to 0.6608 against the British pound. Even if the pattern didn’t last it was a good start. We had more of the same against the euro as well, as the dollar picked up from a starting rate of 0.9356 and closed on 0.9405. So where would the US dollar find itself this week against the Swiss franc? Well, it began on 1.0145 and managed to improve for today at least, rising to 1.0204 as a result.

Tuesday November 24 2015

More good news today for the dollar as it improved once more against the pound. This meant it edged up a little more to 0.6630. The improvements may be small but they’re there at any rate. We didn’t have as much luck against the euro though, as the dollar slipped back to 0.9388 today. Back to bad news against the Swiss franc too, as the dollar fell to 1.0169.

Wednesday November 25 2015

If we expected another small improvement against the pound today we would be disappointed. Instead things went the other way, notching up a small loss and sending the dollar back to 0.6629. They went the opposite way today against the euro too, which in this case was good news. It meant the dollar finished up with a rate of 0.9446 today instead of slipping back further. Could it manage to notch up another couple of good rates to close out the rest of the week? After yesterday’s disappointment against the Swiss franc, the dollar did better today, closing on 1.0221 instead.

Thursday November 26 2015

More of the same as yesterday against the British pound today, as the dollar slipped back further to 0.6622. What did the US dollar have left in store for tomorrow? It didn’t have anything good in store against the euro today at any rate, as it fell further back to 0.9423. Could it claw back any of those losses tomorrow before trading finished for the week? A slight improvement was also noted against the Swiss franc today, as the dollar moved ahead to 1.0241 with just one day’s trading left to complete.

Friday November 27 2015

Whatever had gone on before now, the dollar did at least finish on a good note. It closed things out on 0.6643 today, which was the best rate yet. The same pattern was also enjoyed against the euro. Whatever had gone before was wiped out with one good result today. This took the dollar to 0.9451 in this case. We managed to achieve the same outcome against the Swiss franc too – leaving the very best until last. Here it meant the US dollar finished on 1.0302 – far better than it had started on back on Monday morning.