How Would the US Dollar Manage to Perform This Week?

Posted November 24, 2015

Here we are again with a question to ask of the US dollar: Would it manage to put in a good week, or a mediocre one?


Monday November 16 2015

The US dollar started off on 0.6568 against the British pound this week. It did well on day one too, rising to 0.6582. Could it keep this up throughout the rest of the week though? It had a good day against the euro too, rising from 0.9290 to start and reaching 0.9325 by the end of the day. The third European currency the dollar went up against was the Swiss franc, and it had a good start here as well. It began on 1.0020 before rising to 1.0063.

Tuesday November 17 2015

We asked a question of the US dollar yesterday, and today we got an answer – not the one we wanted either. The dollar fell to 0.6576 against the pound, making us wonder what the rest of the week had in store. There was better news against the euro though, as the dollar rose to 0.9372. After yesterday’s good start against the Swiss franc, there was more of the same to come today. The dollar finished on an encouraging 1.0127 as a result.

Wednesday November 18 2015

Another fall for the US dollar versus the British pound today, resulting in a closing rate of 0.6571. At least the falls are fairly small. The opposite happened against the euro though, as the dollar edged up further to 0.9375 today. Could we manage three good results in a row against the Swiss franc though? Indeed we could, as the dollar edged up further to 1.0161.

Thursday November 19 2015

Another perhaps-predictable drop for the dollar today as it settled on 0.6548 against the pound. Could it edge back up again tomorrow? We finally experienced a drop against the euro as well today. The dollar couldn’t sustain the improvements it had made so far, and fell to 0.9357 today as a result. What would the final day of the week have in store? Another good result against the Swiss franc was seen as well, as the dollar went further ahead to 1.0192.

Friday November 20 2015

The dollar hadn’t done well during the week, but it did manage to perk up today, rising to 0.6558 as it closed against the British pound. We had another drop against the euro to finish off the week, but here it turned out to be a small one. From yesterday’s finishing rate of 0.9357, the dollar stalled on 0.9356 today. We should perhaps have expected the same against the Swiss franc after such a good week thus far. The dollar did drop back today, falling to 1.0145 today. However this was still a lot better than the opening rate had been on Monday morning. It also meant the dollar remained just above parity with the European currency. Will that continue into next week as well? We shall see.