Foreign Currencies Push Back Against the Dollar

Posted March 04, 2014

The US dollar sometimes has a prolonged series of reasonably good results against all kinds of other currencies. However this week would not be one of those weeks. Read on to find out what really happened.


Monday February 10 2014

The US dollar stood at 0.6124 against the British pound this morning, but by the time the day was done it had dropped back to 0.6097. As far as the exchange rate against the Euro was concerned, the dollar fell here too, going from 0.7367 to 0.7332 over the course of the day. The dollar began on 0.9015 against the Swiss franc, the third European currency we are looking at. But again by the end of the day the dollar was down, falling to 0.8970.

Tuesday February 11 2014

There was another drop in store today for the dollar, as it fell back once again. The pound pushed it down to 0.6074 today. The drop against the Euro was not as marked as it was yesterday, but there was still a drop in store. It fell to 0.7312 by the closing minutes of trading. The dollar also fell against the Swiss franc, closing out trading today on 0.8946.

Wednesday February 12 2014

By now we were getting used to the poor results the dollar was turning in. Today it produced another one, falling to 0.6053 in the process. Would this be how the rest of the week would pan out as well? Finally we had a sliver of good news against the Euro though, as the dollar pulled back and finished on a healthier rate of 0.7367. We had a similar result against the Swiss franc too, as the dollar improved a little and closed on 0.9024.

Thursday February 13 2014

In answer to yesterday’s question, there is an unfortunate yes in store today. The dollar fell further to 0.6007, making us wonder whether it would close out the week below the 0.60 mark. After yesterday’s efforts against the Euro we ended up lower again today, falling to 0.7312 as a result. Would we end up lower still by tomorrow? We were back to bad news against the Swiss franc as well, falling to 0.8933 as a result.

Friday February 14 2014

Today the US dollar proved the pound had the better of it for the entire week. The dollar ended up below that 0.60 boundary today, slipping to 0.5984 as a result. We had a suspicion the dollar would be beaten by the Euro this week and we were right. By the end of today the dollar was on its lowest rate for the week, falling to 0.7295 in the process. Finally we have just one result left, that of the dollar versus the Swiss franc. Here the news was not good either, as the dollar slid further to finish a largely disappointing week on 0.8915. There was little to be pleased about this week but we can hope things get better in the near future.