Evaluating the Performance of the US Dollar This Week

Posted October 23, 2017

Some weeks are more clear-cut than others in terms of performance. This week would turn out to be a real mixed bag of results, with uncertainty prevailing until the final moments of trading.


Monday October 16, 2017

The US dollar began on 0.7534 against the British pound, but that soon dipped to 0.7519 as the day was completed. Did that mean the entire week would pan out to be a disappointment? We’d soon find out. Meanwhile, the dollar got underway on 0.8467 against the euro. It did well to improve on that too, reaching a high of 0.8472 today. The third foray into Europe came against the Swiss franc. The dollar began trading on 0.9765 there, before falling back to 0.9755 by the close of play today.


Tuesday October 17, 2017

After yesterday’s shaky start, the dollar did better against the pound today. It rose to 0.7581 by the time the day was done, and that was better than yesterday’s opener. It also did well against the euro today, rising further to 0.8504 here. More good news was on the way too, as the dollar rose against the Swiss currency, finishing on 0.9783 for the day.


Wednesday October 18, 2017

More good news came the way of the American dollar today, as it edged ahead once again where the British pound was concerned. This took it to 0.7599 by the day’s end. And the news kept on coming as we explored the rate achieved against the euro, which was 0.8511 today. We made it three in a row against the Swiss franc as well, achieving a closing rate of 0.9831 today.


Thursday October 19, 2017

Finally, we saw another drop against the pound today, as the dollar fell by 0.127%. This meant it finished the day’s trading on 0.7589. That was far from good news for the American currency. And perhaps we should have been ready for a drop against the euro too, because that is exactly what we got today. This meant the currency fell back to 0.8450 with one more day of trading left to go. It wasn’t a great day anywhere today, because we had another poor result against the Swiss currency. This meant the dollar fell to 0.9752 today, losing 0.8% as it did so.


Friday October 20, 2017

It’s always good to finish on a good note, but it wouldn’t happen for the US dollar versus the British pound this week. Instead, the dollar fell to 0.7583 this time around – although it was still up on the week’s opening rate. The American currency ended up slightly below its opening rate for the week against the euro though, dipping to 0.8461 today. The dollar did manage to climb against the Swiss franc, rising to finish the week on 0.9813. More than that, it meant the currency was better off than it had been on Monday morning. That was great news, so it wasn’t all bad for the American currency this week.