Drama in Store for the US Dollar and European Currencies

Posted April 04, 2014

Here we go again with another raft of interesting results for the US dollar. If you thought you had the markets all figured out, think again. You’ll be surprised what you see here. We’ve got all the notable results for you to check out.


Monday March 24 2014

Here we go with another set of results. Let’s start by checking out the situation against the British pound. The US dollar started on 0.6064 and improved by a tiny amount today, rising to 0.6065 in the process. Elsewhere the dollar started on 0.7256 against the Euro before improving to close the day on 0.7260. Over in Switzerland we were going up against the Swiss franc too. We started on 0.8840 and jumped to close on 0.8855 by the day’s end.

Tuesday March 25 2014

We were hoping for a good result today too but the dollar slid against the British pound instead. It fell to 0.6054 by the end of the day. We saw something similar happen against the Euro too, as the dollar fell back to 0.7252. Everything seemed to be going badly for the dollar today because it dropped against the Swiss franc too – finishing on 0.8845 as a result.

Wednesday March 26 2014

Maybe there was a new trend starting here – the dollar ended up with another bad result against the pound today. Instead of improving it dropped back to 0.6044. Again the pattern was repeated against the Euro, with the dollar halting the drop it had experienced yesterday to finish on 0.7251. It would be an up and down week against the Swiss franc, although today at least there was some good news. The dollar rose to 0.8857 by the day’s end.

Thursday March 27 2014

By now the fall of the US dollar against the British pound was becoming a little more predictable if disappointing. Today’s closing rate was 0.6016 – a much bigger drop than we’d seen previously during the week. However if you thought the same would be true against the Euro, you can think again. Here we managed to climb to 0.7268 by the end of the day. There was another good result against the Swiss franc, even if the improvement was marginal at best. The dollar finished off on 0.8858.

Friday March 28 2014

Well we managed to stall the slide in the exchange rate today but it didn’t stop completely. We ended up on 0.6012 against the pound as the markets closed for the weekend. We couldn’t quite keep up with the improvements against the Euro, but we did at least finish on a reasonably good note on 0.7267. The same couldn’t be said against the Swiss franc though, as the dollar ended up sliding back here. It did however manage to stall the losses and finish on 0.8856 – which was still up on where things had begun on Monday morning. It had been a tough week but at least there were some good results to be had.