December Starts on a Bad Note for the US Dollar

Posted December 08, 2015

As November gave way to December, it soon became clear the US dollar wasn’t going to start the month in a good way. The question now was how badly it would do in the process.


Monday November 30 2015

Here we go then, with the US dollar worth 0.6643 against the British pound as the week began. By the end of the day it had improved by 0.28% to 0.6662. Would this good news continue throughout the rest of the week as well? We had a small element of encouragement against the euro too, as the dollar went from its opening rate of 0.9451 to 0.9452 today. Maybe this small start would lead to better things later in the week. The pattern went on when we had a look at the position against the Swiss franc too. Here the dollar started on 1.0302 and finished the day on 1.0306 – a slight improvement.

Tuesday December 1 2015

After a good start against the pound yesterday, the US dollar dipped a little today. This took it back to 0.6637 this time around. There was bad news against the euro too, as the dollar fell to 0.9433 today, losing around 0.198% in the process. The same could be said of the dollar against the Swiss franc, as it fell to 1.0290 today.

Wednesday December 2 2015

Back to good news against the British pound today, as the US dollar rose to 0.6651. Could it continue in this vein for the remainder of the week though? Another drop was experienced against the euro too, making it clear that the dollar really wasn’t in good shape this week. Here it fell back to 0.9423 today. More bad news was seen against the Swiss currency, as the dollar lost more ground and finished on 1.0252.

Thursday December 3 2015

Another good day for the dollar today as it headed on to a better rate of 0.6674 against the pound. Could it manage just one more day of good news too, or would there be another story in store? The same couldn’t be said of the US dollar versus the euro today though, as it ended up stalling on 0.9371 today. Could it regain any of its losses tomorrow? Another low point was reached against the Swiss franc too, as the dollar slid back to 1.0158 today.

Friday December 4 2015

Unfortunately for the US dollar the week would end on a bad note, at least against the British pound. After yesterday’s high point of the week, today would end on the lowest note as it dipped to a disappointing 0.6605. Today showed just how badly the US dollar had performed against the euro too. It dipped to the worst rate of the entire week, falling to 0.9172 in the process. The lowest point of the week was also saved for last against the Swiss franc. Here the dollar managed to slip to a disappointing 0.9981 today, closing the week in very bad shape indeed.