Challenges from All Sides

Posted September 14, 2015

This would turn out to be a challenging week for the US dollar, as we are about to find out. It would go up against three European currencies – but how would it fare in the process?


Monday September 7 2015

Here we go then with the US dollar facing off against the British pound. It didn’t start well for the dollar as it dropped from 0.6567 to 0.6552 today. Would this be how the whole week would pan out for the currency? Elsewhere the dollar didn’t have a great start against the euro either. It began trading on 0.8978 and finished on 0.8971. At least the drop was only a small one. We had a better start against the Swiss franc. Here the dollar began trading on 0.9731 and ended the day on 0.9753.

Tuesday September 8 2015

After yesterday’s poor start against the pound we had even worse news today. The US dollar dropped further to 0.6489, so it lost even more ground than it had to start with. There was another small drop in store against the euro too, as the dollar slid to 0.8958. Yesterday was a good day against the Swiss franc and today would be even better. We ended up finishing on 0.9783 – but could we keep this up for another three days?

Wednesday September 9 2015

The midweek point turned out to be a day of good news – at least for the dollar versus the British pound. The US dollar edged up a little today to close on 0.6509. Could it string together two more good results to get it through until Friday night? The same picture could be seen against the euro, where the dollar improved today, rising to 0.8977. It was only a small improvement but after the first two days anything was worth having. No improvement was seen against the Swiss franc but at least the loss was a small one, taking the dollar to 0.9779 in the process.

Thursday September 10 2015

Another drop was in store for the US dollar today, as it fell to 0.6495 against the pound. It wasn’t turning into a good week in this country at least. There was nothing better to report on against the euro either, as the dollar fell to 0.8940 today. Another drop was in store against the Swiss franc too, taking the dollar down to 0.9765. What would happen on the final day of trading for this week?

Friday September 11 2015

Finally the US dollar slipped back a little further against the pound, dropping to 0.6483 in the process. And once again we had bad news against the euro. Here, the US dollar fell back a little more to 0.8874, representing a significant loss since Monday’s opening rate of 0.8874. This was not turning out to be a strong week for the US dollar. It did however finish strongly against the Swiss franc. From the rate left behind at the end of trading yesterday, it managed to climb to 0.9789.