An Interesting Week of Ups and Downs

Posted October 11, 2017

The US dollar certainly had an interesting week this time around, as we are about to find out. Where did it get the best outcome of all?


Monday September 25, 2017

The dollar opened on 0.7370 against the British pound, and that was soon better still, because the US currency improved to 0.7410 by the end of today. Was there more good news in store here as well? We’d soon find out. Moving on, the dollar had a good start against the euro too, rising from the opener of 0.8360 to 0.8426 by the close of play today. If we were looking for another good start this week, we got it in the shape of a rise from 0.9688 to 0.9742 against the Swiss franc, too.


Tuesday September 26, 2017

Another improvement against the pound today, as the dollar rose to achieve a closing rate of 0.7446. Could we do better still tomorrow, and as the week went on? We had more good news against the euro as well today, as the dollar eked out another rise to 0.8483. Could this continue as well? We’d soon know for sure. We didn’t do so well against the Swiss franc though, falling to 0.9715 today – although we did hang onto most of yesterday’s improvements.


Wednesday September 27, 2017

Three good days in a row became clear later today, as the dollar reached a new high of 0.7458 against the British currency. What else was in store this week? We asked the same after a similarly good result against the euro, which took the dollar to 0.8517 today. We also got back to good news against the Swiss franc, where the dollar was boosted to 0.9753 today.


Thursday September 28, 2017

Finally, we had a dip against the British pound today – and that was perhaps to be expected. It meant the dollar fell to 0.7440, but this was still higher than Monday’s starting rate had been, so we weren’t too concerned. More of the same occurred against the euro as well, where the dollar slipped back to 0.8490 today. Another fall – the second this week – happened against the Swiss franc too. Here, we ended up on 0.9730, which was a disappointment for us. What would happen tomorrow as the week drew to a close?


Friday September 29, 2017

It’s always great to finish on a good note, and the dollar managed that against the British currency today. The final exchange rate was 0.7468, almost a cent higher than we’d started on back on Monday morning. We weren’t so lucky against the euro though, because the dollar had another dip here, taking it to 0.8470 to close the week. It was better than Monday’s opener, however, so it was still a good result all in all. One final fall was in store today as the dollar fell to 0.9704 against the Swiss currency. However, it had already done enough to count that as a good week all told.