An Average Week for the US Dollar

Posted June 29, 2015

There was no clear pattern in the trading this week, which did make watching the daily exchange rates pretty interesting. The US dollar had some good results sprinkled in among the drops, which made for an intriguing experience. We’ve got the latest information for you here.


Monday June 22 2015

As the week opened the dollar was worth 0.6313 against the British pound. However this improved to 0.6319 by the time the day was up. The same could not be said against the euro, as the dollar opened proceedings on 0.8850 and fell to 0.8814 today. Elsewhere in Europe the dollar started on 0.9247 against the Swiss franc but it did not have the best beginning here, falling to 0.9197 on day one.

Tuesday June 23 2015

Another good day for the US dollar today as the currency improved still further against the pound, rising to 0.6337. Would this trend continue as the week went on though? There was better news against the euro as the dollar edged up a little to 0.8925 today. After the disappointment against the Swiss franc yesterday there was great news today as the dollar rose to 0.9326.

Wednesday June 24 2015

Another improvement against the pound today as the dollar improved to close today’s trading on 0.6347. After yesterday’s good performance against the euro there was a slight drop today, leaving the dollar on 0.8918 today. Which way would things go for the remainder of the week? There was a fall against the Swiss franc today but it was fairly minor in size – resulting in a finishing rate of 0.9318. Where would this lead the dollar for the remaining two days of the week though?

Thursday June 25 2015

Yet more good news for the US dollar today as it rose to 0.6359 by the time the day was over against the British pound. It was looking better against the euro as well thanks to a closing rate of 0.8923 today. There was another good day against the Swiss franc too, resulting in the dollar moving up slightly to close things out on 0.9376. With just one day left to go this week, it made us wonder whether there would be an abundance of good news tomorrow or something rather different instead.

Friday June 26 2015

We had to see some kind of bad news today, surely, and it came in the form of a slight drop against the pound. However the closing rate for the week was still 0.6358 so it was a good result. After an up and down week we did wonder whether today would produce a disappointing result against the euro but as it turned out the dollar closed things out on 0.8926. We had some disappointment against the Swiss franc today though as the dollar finished with a slightly lower rate of 0.9326. It had been a rough week in parts, but all in all it hadn’t been too bad at all.