A Strong Showing for the US Dollar This Week

Posted October 12, 2016

This would turn out to be a relatively good week for the US dollar. It wasn’t all good news, but it did end in just the right way as things turned out.


Monday October 3 2016

Here we go then – and the week started well for the US dollar when it came to the fight against the British pound. We managed to climb from an opening rate of 0.7714 to 0.7771 today alone. Could we continue in the same vein? As far as the euro was concerned, the US dollar didn’t have such a good time. Here, it started on 0.8959 before dropping to 0.8899 today. We didn’t have the best start against the Swiss franc either. Beginning on 0.9744, we ended the day on 0.9716 this time around.

Tuesday October 4 2016

Another good day was in store today against the pound, as the dollar climbed further to 0.7843. We had better news against the euro as well, because the dollar managed to rise to 0.8959 today. Could we stay on this better path here now, or was there more dramatic news to come? After yesterday’s bad start, we did better today as we rose to 0.9810 against the Swiss franc.

Wednesday October 5 2016

Our third good result in a row came against the pound, as the US dollar climbed ahead to an impressive 0.7863 today. How much further could it go in the two days’ remaining to it? After yesterday’s rise against the euro, we had a fall today – this time to 0.8919. Where would we go with the two days that remained of the week? The same question could easily be posed with regard to the Swiss franc too, because we had a drop here as well, this time to 0.9775.

Thursday October 6 2016

More of the same was in store today, as the American dollar edged up to 0.7896 against the pound. With just one day to go, could we make it five out of five good results? It was turning into a seesaw week against the euro, and today the dollar rose to 0.8940 to finish the day in style. A slight improvement was seen against the Swiss franc, which was good news, even though the dollar only rose to 0.9782 as a result.

Friday October 7 2016

If we wanted to save the best for last, we certainly managed that today. We ended up snagging a final rate of 0.8110 as the week came to an impressive end – here at least. Elsewhere, we had more good news at just the right time against the euro, where the dollar managed to edge ahead to 0.8976 to finish the week on the highest rate overall. Finally, we managed to get the best rate of the week against the Swiss franc as well – this time heading up to 0.9825. This was a fairly good week all told, with some good results coming in at just the right time.