A Strong Performance in Places for the US Dollar

Posted November 09, 2015

This week was more memorable in some areas than in others. Here we’ll find out which areas the US dollar did best in.


Monday November 2 2015

So today the dollar started on 0.6519 against the British pound. By the end of the day the US dollar was worse off, on 0.6464. Would this be the start of a poor performance for the dollar? It had a poor start against the euro too, going from 0.9076 to 0.9064 today. Three out of three against the Swiss franc, as the dollar dropped from 0.9893 to 0.9866.

Tuesday November 3 2015

Better news today as the US dollar rose to 0.6497 against the British pound. Maybe this signaled the start of a better time. The same pattern continued against the euro as well, as the dollar moved ahead to 0.9110 today. More of the same came against the Swiss franc, as the dollar rose to 0.9902.

Wednesday November 4 2015

After yesterday’s good news the dollar fell back once again today, slipping to 0.6487 against the British pound. With two days to go, where would the remainder of the week go for the dollar? The story was not the same against the euro though, because the dollar managed to get two good days in a row here. Today it rose to 0.9144. We had a drop against the Swiss franc though, as the dollar fell back to 0.9888 today.

Thursday November 5 2015

We were back to good news today as the dollar edged up nicely to 0.6547, giving us the highest rate so far for the entire week. With another day yet to come, would there be another piece of good news to come tomorrow? The week was certainly panning out to be a pretty good one against the euro. Today saw the dollar rise to 0.9188, and we were hopeful we’d manage to achieve something equally good against the euro too. Better news against the Swiss franc today after yesterday’s disappointment, as the dollar moved ahead to 0.9954. Was there just one more good performance left in the dollar with a single day to go?

Friday November 6 2015

We had wondered whether there was good news on the way today and we were right. The US dollar was able to finish in good style on 0.6605 today – easily giving it the highest rate of the week against the British pound. If we thought maybe we’d seen the best of the performance this week against the euro, we had just one more piece of good news to come. Even though the dollar had fallen on Monday, it had been nothing but good news ever since. The same was true today as it finished on 0.9204 – well clear of Monday’s opening rate. The dollar had another great performance to put in against the Swiss franc as well, taking it to a closing rate of 0.9968 today. All in all it hadn’t been a bad week.