A Strong Performance By the US Dollar This Week

Posted October 07, 2015

This would be a memorable week for the US currency, and in a good way too. Sometimes the US dollar struggles to perform well, but this wouldn’t be one of those weeks. Find out more by reading on.


Monday September 21 2015

The opening rate against the British pound this week for the US dollar was 0.6391. We had the best possible start too, as the dollar edged up to close out the day’s trading on 0.6438. The dollar managed to start well against the euro too, opening on 0.8757 and closing on 0.8888 today. Over in Switzerland the US dollar started on 0.9556 against their franc. This too climbed to 0.9694 by the end of today. The week was panning out well, at least to begin with.

Tuesday September 22 2015

More great news for the US dollar today as it increased to 0.6475 against the British pound. Was this the start of a prolonged trend? Only time would tell. The encouraging pattern continued against the euro today as well. The dollar moved up further to 0.8964 today. Could this also continue throughout the remainder of the week? More good news against the Swiss franc too, as the dollar rose to 0.9735 today.

Wednesday September 23 2015

If we thought we’d seen great improvements by the dollar so far, today brought even better news against the pound. The dollar rose to 0.6544, notching up the highest rate of the week so far. Three out of three good results were achieved today against the euro, with the dollar rising further to 0.8968. The rise may have been slight, but it was still headed in the right direction, and that was the main thing. The improvements were getting more predictable, and we weren’t disappointed against the Swiss franc either. Here we managed to rise to 0.9759 today.

Thursday September 24 2015

The pound had no answers against the US dollar this week. Instead the dollar pushed ahead still further today and closed on 0.6571. Finally we had some bad news today, although really it wasn’t too disastrous. The dollar closed trading down slightly against the euro, on 0.8896. Could we regain some of those losses on the last day of the week? Perhaps a fall was to be expected against the Swiss franc too, and we had one today. It was only minor though, taking the dollar to 0.9721.

Friday September 25 2015

Finally we got the news we were waiting for. The US dollar managed to achieve five great results this week, finishing on 0.6589 against the pound today. After losing some ground against the euro yesterday we did however regain it today. The US dollar finished on 0.8967. This meant it had added on 0.021 over the euro across the week as a whole. We also had a good finish against the Swiss franc. The dollar rose to 0.9794, meaning it had increased its standing by over two cents all in all this week.