A Strong Dollar Starts – and Ends – the Week This Week

Posted March 30, 2015

Some weeks are invariably better than others, and the US dollar looked to start this week in strong style. While a lot can happen in five days, this week looked to be a good one for the dollar throughout.


Monday March 9 2015

Here we go then with a first look at how the week would pan out. The dollar got started with a rate of 0.6585 against the British pound today, and it started well as it rose to 0.6616 by the close of play. The US dollar did pretty well against the euro too, rising from 0.9121 to 0.9208 throughout the day. More good news was on the way against the Swiss franc as well, as the dollar rose to 0.9844 from an opening rate of 0.9760. Could we see more of the same in the coming days?

Tuesday March 10 2015

The good start we saw yesterday continued today as the dollar edged up once more against the pound, closing on 0.6638 in the process. Could the dollar keep this up for another three days? If we thought yesterday was a good day against the euro, we got better news still today as the dollar edged up once more, this time to 0.9312. We made it three out of three as well thanks to the performance against the Swiss franc. Today we ended up closing on 0.9967, with the 1.00 mark getting closer all the time.

Wednesday March 11 2015

The question we posed yesterday was answered positively today as the dollar moved up again, this time finishing on 0.6651 against the British pound. The dollar seemed capable of big improvements on a daily basis this week, and we certainly got this again today against the euro. The dollar rose to 0.9453 by the close of play today. The dollar also surpassed the 1.00 mark against the Swiss franc today, rising to 1.0072 in the process. Could it hang onto that for the remainder of the week?

Thursday March 12 2015

Another rise was seen against the pound today as the dollar kept on moving in the right direction. It closed things out on 0.6681 today. Could it manage one more good result to make it five out of five? The dollar slipped slightly against the euro though, taking it back slightly to 0.9422 today. The dollar dropped against the Swiss franc today but it didn’t go back to the 0.99 territory; instead it remained at 1.0021.

Friday March 13 2015

The US dollar did manage to close out in the best possible way today, finishing on 0.6765 against the British pound. Elsewhere we got another good result against the euro to close things out. The dollar ended the week better off by some margin, closing on 0.9458 from a starting rate on Monday of 0.9458. The dollar also finished things off positively against the Swiss franc by rising to 1.0071 to finish things in good style.