A Shorter Week in Store for the US Dollar

Posted April 23, 2014

With Easter beckoning we have just four days of results to look through this week – the first of two back to back weeks where this would be the case. Where would this one lead us?


Monday April 14 2014

As the shorter week got underway, the US dollar began on 0.5976 against the British pound. It edged up marginally to 0.5983 by the time the day was over too, providing a good start to the week. The dollar started on 0.7208 against the Euro and had a good start here too, rising to 0.7232 in the process. Could it continue in the same vein? We certainly had a good day against the Swiss franc, ending up higher on 0.8790 from the starting point of 0.8766.

Tuesday April 15 2014

Today’s results gave us a marginal change against the British pound but this time it was a poor result. The dollar dipped to 0.5977, remaining slightly above the week’s starting rate. We had a better result against the Euro though, rising a little further to close things out on 0.7244. We also did well against the Swiss franc, making it two days of rises in a row. Here we improved to 0.8811 by the end of the day.

Wednesday April 16 2014

After yesterday’s slight dip we didn’t quite know what to expect today. Unfortunately it was another dip for the dollar, as the British pound pushed it back down to 0.5953. At least the losses were relatively small compared to some of the ones we’ve seen in the past. We had a disappointing dip against the Euro too – the first one of the week. This took us to 0.7225 by the end of the day, with just one day left to go until the long weekend began. It was definitely not the best day we’d ever had against the range of European currencies because we fell back to 0.8792 against the Swiss franc as well.

Thursday April 17 2014

Perhaps predictably we had another drop today – this time taking the US dollar to 0.5949 against the pound. It wasn’t the best of weeks but at least the losses were pretty minimal all in all. It was clearly a day of losses too as we lost ground against the Euro, falling to 0.7217 here. This would close out the week slightly higher than the starting rate on Monday morning had been. It was the same against the Swiss franc, where the dollar fell to 0.8787 by the end of the day. This still saw the US dollar at a slightly higher point than it had started the week at though.

Friday April 18 2014

Today was Good Friday, the start of the four day Easter break, so there was no movement on the currency markets to look at. Even though there were just four days of trading to look at, we still saw some interesting results this week on the currency markets.