A Real Mixed Bag of Results for the US Dollar This Week

Posted June 23, 2014

Some weeks generate a mixed selection of results throughout, and this looked to be one of those weeks. Let’s check out the US dollar and its results through the week as time went on.


Monday June 16 2014

As soon as the week had gotten underway the US dollar fell back slightly against the British pound, falling to 0.5892 from a starting rate of 0.5895. So how would we cope against the Euro? The dollar opened on 0.7388 and edged up slightly here, finishing the day on 0.7389 today. We saw a similar picture in another part of Europe too, as the dollar fell back to 0.8997 from 0.8998 against the Swiss franc. Would this be how the entire week would go on?

Tuesday June 17 2014

After yesterday’s fall against the pound the dollar fell a little more today too – dipping slightly this time to 0.5891. Would this be how things would go for the entire week? We also saw a fall against the Euro, as the dollar slid back significantly to close on 0.7370 today. Another drop was in store for the dollar against the Swiss franc too, as it dropped further than it did yesterday, falling to 0.8982 in the process.

Wednesday June 18 2014

We finally had some good news against the pound today, as the dollar rose to 0.5902 to close out the day. The only question was whether this was temporary or a push to better things by the end of the week. We had another rise against the Euro too, as the dollar improved to 0.7373. Another drop occurred against the Swiss franc though, where the US dollar clearly wasn’t performing well this week. It closed out today on 0.8980.

Thursday June 19 2014

Perhaps a little predictably we actually had another fall against the pound today. The dollar finished up on 0.5872 by the end of the day. It was a real rise and fall kind of week against the Euro and that meant there was another fall in store today – this time taking the dollar down to 0.7342. We were almost waiting for the predictable drop against the Swiss franc again today and we certainly got it. The closing rate was 0.8935. Could we rise at all this week?

Friday June 20 2014

It was always the case that we could lose more ground against the British pound by the time the week was up, and we did just that today. The dollar finished up on 0.5869 by the end of the day. After yesterday’s fall against the Euro and given the up and down nature of the week we were due another rise today and that’s exactly what we got. We finished up with a closing rate of 0.7359 here, although this was still lower than we’d started with on Monday. Finally we achieved a rise against the Swiss franc but it wasn’t enough to wipe out all the losses that had gone before it. We finished up on 0.8955 as a result.