A Real Mix of Fortunes for the American Dollar

Posted August 14, 2017

Sometimes, there is no clear pattern to follow as the US dollar takes on a variety of European currencies. This would be one of those weeks, as the results will shortly prove.


Monday August 7, 2017

Let’s begin by checking out how the US dollar did against the British pound last week. It started well, rising from 0.7607 to close out the day on 0.7665. Would this continue throughout the remainder of the week? The dollar began on 0.8426 against the euro, and it did well here too, rising to 0.8476 today. The dollar made it three out of three too, because it rose from 0.9684 against the Swiss franc to close on 0.9731 today.


Tuesday August 8, 2017

The dollar built on yesterday’s good start by rising further to 0.7675 against the British pound today. Two good days to begin with – but would this continue? We didn’t have good news against the euro, though, because the dollar slipped to 0.8464 today, albeit staying above yesterday’s opener. The same happened against the Swiss franc, as the dollar lost some ground today to close on 0.9715.


Wednesday August 9, 2017

Three days in a row for the dollar, as it rose against the pound once more, this time to reach 0.7700. Meanwhile, it rose against the euro too, delivering a closing rate of 0.8524 – easily the best rate against the euro so far this week. But something went wrong against the Swiss currency, because the dollar ended down here, on 0.9626. Did that mean we’d get a bad result for the week in this part of Europe, or would there be better news still to come?


Thursday August 10, 2017

Finally, it was time for a fall against the pound today, as the dollar slid to 0.7697. However, this was only a small difference, so maybe we could make it up tomorrow. We’d soon know for sure. Just a slight dip against the euro too, adjusting to 0.8523 today. How would we fare with just one day to go here? Would the euro get the better of the US dollar tomorrow, or was there another story in store? Yesterday, the pattern against the Swiss currency went against what happened elsewhere – and that was seen today, too. The dollar rose against the Swiss franc, ending the day higher on 0.9666.


Friday August 11, 2017

Finishing on a good note is always a good thing. That’s what happened this week, too, as the US dollar edged ahead to 0.7704, finishing nearly a cent up against the British pound. Elsewhere, it fell against the euro, taking the dollar back to 0.8499. While we finished on a loss, it was still up overall across the entire week, so we did end on good news of sorts there. However, the dollar fell to 0.9621 against the Swiss currency, and that meant it ended on the lowest rate of the week against that currency. Bad news to end on, unfortunately.