A Mixed Bag of Results for the US Dollar

Posted July 06, 2015

This was a mixed week for the US currency as it managed to get some good results on some days but not on others. Would things at least finish on a good note – or not?


Monday June 29 2015

The dollar started the week on 0.6358 against the British pound, but soon improved on this by finishing on 0.6363 today. Could it build on this throughout the rest of the week? We’ll see. Over in a larger part of Europe the dollar went up against the euro too. It started on 0.8926 today and climbed to 0.8982 by the time it had finished trading. The opening rate against the Swiss franc was 0.9326 but the dollar didn’t get the better of it, falling to 0.9320 instead.

Tuesday June 30 2015

Yesterday’s consideration of a higher rate against the pound throughout the week was ruined today when the US dollar dropped to 0.6358. The dollar didn’t do very well against the euro either, falling to 0.8937 today. The same turned out to be true against the Swiss franc, as the dollar ended up finishing the day on 0.9306.

Wednesday July 1 2015

Luckily the rot didn’t continue for long against the British pound. Instead of dropping further today the US dollar ended up rising to 0.6387. Today was also better against the euro, as the dollar improved the situation to finish on 0.9009. The pattern continued elsewhere in Europe too, as the dollar rose to 0.9420 against the Swiss franc today. Would the day-by-day pattern against all these currencies continue throughout the next couple of days as well, or would it alter in any way?

Thursday July 2 2015

After yesterday’s improvement against the British pound the dollar managed to do the same again today, getting an even better rate of 0.6418 in the process. Could it add on another great performance tomorrow to round off the week in style? The same good news came via Europe too, as the dollar got the better of the euro and finished on 0.9036 there today. The improvements kept on coming as the dollar got up to 0.9494 against the Swiss franc. How would the final day of the week pan out? We would soon find out as Thursday night came to a close.

Friday July 3 2015

We wanted a great finish for the US dollar versus the British pound today, but we didn’t get it. Instead the dollar dropped, although thankfully it wasn’t by much. It finished off the week on 0.6400, which was definitely better than it had started on. The same pattern was seen against the euro too, as the dollar slid back slightly to 0.9012 today. And once again the dollar lost ground against the Swiss franc, as it fell to 0.9432. But again the overall pattern saw an improvement between Monday and Friday, so overall things were very good indeed and were encouraging when looking forward to the next week.