A Mixed Bag of Results for the American Dollar

Posted October 18, 2016

A mixed bag it may have been, but how much of the contents would be good and how much would be bad? All the results you need are below.


Monday October 10 2016

We hoped for a good start to the week but we didn’t get it against the British pound. Instead, the dollar opened on 0.8110 and dropped to 0.8070 today. Now let’s check out its standing against the euro. The dollar dropped here too as it turned out, falling from 0.8976 to 0.8960 today. Elsewhere in Europe, the dollar started on 0.9825 against the Swiss franc, before falling to 0.9820 on day one. At least this was a minor drop in the scheme of things.

Tuesday October 11 2016

After yesterday’s disappointing start, the dollar was clearly keen to make up for it today. It managed to recoup those losses and then some – finishing on 0.8144 as a result. There was also better news against the euro today, as the dollar moved ahead to 0.9026 – quite a jump ahead in the right direction. More of the same came our way against the Swiss franc too, as the dollar improved to 0.9872 today.

Wednesday October 12 2016

More of the same good news today where the dollar was concerned, as it pushed ahead to 0.8166 against the British pound. Could it keep this up for the rest of the week? It certainly seemed as though the dollar was able to keep things up against the euro, as it rose again today – this time to 0.9074. Our second good day in a row came against the Swiss franc as well, as the dollar carved out a closing rate of 0.9896. Could it hang on to this for the remainder of the week though?

Thursday October 13 2016

The third day of good news in a row came the way of the US dollar against the pound today, as it headed further north to 0.8192. With just one day to go, could we keep this going a little longer? We couldn’t keep things going positively against the euro though, where we ended up dropping back to 0.9059 today. A drop had to happen against the Swiss franc eventually, and today it did – taking the dollar back to 0.9878.

Friday October 14 2016

Well, we had to drop back eventually, didn’t we? While the dollar did fall against the pound today, it didn’t wipe out all the gains it had made this week. This meant it ended better off than it had been on 0.8172. We had a good finish against the euro, rising to 0.9089 today and seeing the best rate of the entire week as well – what a good place to finish on. The dollar repeated this feat against the Swiss franc as well, recovering from yesterday’s loss and managing to finish on a stronger 0.9897 today. That’s not a bad finish for the week as a whole, and it bodes well for the new week ahead too.