A Mix of News for the US Dollar This Week

Posted October 11, 2017

Welcome back to yet another report on how the US dollar has performed against several European currencies. Which ones would it get the better of this time around?


Monday October 2, 2017

Let’s get underway by seeing the good start the US dollar made against the British pound this time around. From an opening rate of 0.7468, we soon finished on 0.7528 to trigger a great opener for the week. Meanwhile, the dollar opened on 0.8470 against the euro, before rising to 0.8514 by the close of play today. Did that bode well for a good week, too? We got a reasonable start against the Swiss franc as well, opening on 0.9704 before rising to 0.9706 today. Not a major improvement, but at least we were heading the right way.


Tuesday October 3, 2017

Another piece of good news today, as the dollar pushed ahead to 0.7554 against the British pound. How much longer could this go on for, we wondered? We weren’t as lucky against the euro though, as the dollar slid to 0.8508 today. We did get better news against the Swiss currency, because the dollar managed to push ahead to close trading on 0.9741 this time around. There was no real way to figure out what was coming next.


Wednesday October 4, 2017

Finally, a drop against the pound came up today, as the dollar stalled its progress on 0.7531. More of the same came up against the euro as well – clearly it wasn’t panning out to be a good day. The dollar finished on 0.8483 here. More of the same was seen against the Swiss franc. The dollar managed to drop, albeit not by too much, to 0.9719 today. Losses all around then, although not as big as they could have been.


Thursday October 5, 2017

Back to better news today for the American dollar, as it improved to a day-closing rate of 0.7592. Could it do that once again tomorrow, to close out an impressive week? It did well against the euro again today too – finally, after two disappointments. In doing so, it finished trading on 0.8516. The dollar did very well against the Swiss currency too, which came as great news after yesterday. It rose to 0.9770 today.


Friday October 6, 2017

We got our wish today – our wish of a great closing rate for the dollar versus the pound. In doing so, the American dollar finished on a healthy 0.7647 – much higher than it had been Monday morning. Better news also came our way against the euro, which meant we recovered from the earlier blip in the dollar’s performance to close today on 0.8541. It’s always good to end a week on a good note, whatever has gone before. That was true of the dollar today versus the Swiss franc as well, as it rose to finish things off on 0.9800 today – nearly a cent higher than Monday had seen as we got underway.