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A Mixed Bag on the Currency Markets

Posted September 19, 2016

The US dollar wouldn’t have an easy time of it this week, as our report here soon shows.


Ups and Downs All Week for the US Dollar

Posted September 12, 2016

You just didn’t know where you were headed with the US dollar this week, as we’re about to find out.


Good News Coming in for the US Dollar

Posted September 06, 2016

Some weeks are inevitably better than others, but would this be one of them? Would the US dollar be better off at the end of the week this time?


A Reasonable Week for the US Dollar?

Posted August 30, 2016

Some weeks are uncertain to say the least, but this week would prove to be an interesting one as far as the US dollar was concerned. Let’s take a closer look and see whether it did enough to beat the European currencies it went up against.


Not the Best Week for the US Dollar

Posted August 22, 2016

Some weeks should simply be forgotten as far as the dollar’s performance on the currency markets is concerned. Perhaps this should be one of them.


A Strong Pattern Emerging Against European Currencies Today

Posted August 15, 2016

Sometimes you see a similar pattern against a number of currencies over the space of a week. This would be such a week for the US dollar when it went up against a variety of the major European currencies.


No Mixed Results for the Dollar This Week

Posted August 08, 2016

Some weeks are tougher than others on the currency markets, and this week looked to be pretty tough for the US currency.


A Struggle Ensues for the US Dollar

Posted August 01, 2016

When the gains are small and also few and far between, you tend to get the picture things are tough on the currency markets. That would definitely be the case this week, as the dollar tried to hold firm against European currencies.


A Stronger Week for the US Dollar

Posted July 25, 2016

Here we are then with a brand new week of trading for the US dollar. How would it fare this time around on the markets?


Hard Times for the US Dollar to Get a Foothold This Week

Posted July 18, 2016

It would prove to be a challenging week once more for the US dollar this time. There would be few good days to spot, and those that did occur were not enough to wipe out the losses we saw overall this week.


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