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A Week of Mixed Fortunes for the US Dollar

Posted June 20, 2012

Most weeks consist of mixed fortunes as far as the US dollar is concerned. This was certainly one of them and we had every reason to suspect that there would be no notable differences in exchange rates this week.


Euro Manages to Improve

Posted June 14, 2012

For investors looking for an improvement in the risk sentiment, this week was the week for it. Although the downgrading of nine, euro zone nations worried investors at the start, and the continued financial struggles of Greece continued to weigh in, the euro did manage to improve for the day. More so, it improved for the week, pushing the US dollar lower. Investors were eager to take on the risk since most had a positive outlook on a solution for Greek debt occurring.


Ups and Downs on a Daily Basis for the US Dollar

Posted June 12, 2012

Some weeks present us with a distinct pattern of good days and bad days against a wide range of other currencies. This was exactly the kind of week the US dollar would have this time around, as you’ll soon see.


A Better Time for the US Dollar This Week

Posted June 09, 2012

Some weeks are undoubtedly better than others for the US dollar. Luckily this week would indeed be a good one, and it would perform reasonably well against a range of other currencies. Here are some of the major changes the dollar experienced last week.


A Mixed Bag of Currency Results for the US Dollar

Posted June 09, 2012

Every week brings with it a mix of good results and bad results. But this week the US dollar didn’t do too badly across the board, delivering a range of interesting results worth looking at in more detail.


A Hard Fought Week for the US Dollar on the Currency Markets

Posted May 21, 2012

Would we be greeted with a strong and all conquering US dollar this week? Or would our currency round up reveal some very different news to ponder on? Let’s see how the US dollar performed when up against some challenging currencies last week.


Small Gains and Losses on the Cards for the Dollar this Week

Posted May 14, 2012

So it’s back into the markets once again to see whether the US dollar could perform well against the usual range of strong currencies from other parts of the world. Would this be a good week or a bad week for the US dollar?


Small Changes Were in the Works for the US Dollar This Week

Posted May 08, 2012

Some weeks are marked by big swings in the exchange rates, while others are marked by the tiniest of differences. You’ll soon see which type of week this last one was, as the currency exchanges moved from April into May.


Tough Times as the Dollar Struggles to Maintain Good Results

Posted April 30, 2012

Would this be an up and down week as the US dollar got some good results but was unable to hang onto them for any length of time? It certainly looked as though that was the way things would work out.


Back to Normal After the Shorter Easter Trading Weeks

Posted April 23, 2012

Things were getting back to normal this week so the US dollar had five days in which to stand up against the other major currencies. The question was how well it would perform in doing so. All the answers you need are in our comprehensive day by day report.


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