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Hard Work to Be Done By the US Dollar

Posted June 05, 2013

This would not turn out to be the best week for the US dollar. Instead of being in charge for much of the week, it was pretty much on the back foot. Let’s find out more.


A Mix of Fortunes for Currencies the World Over This Week

Posted June 01, 2013

If you are expecting the US dollar to experience plain sailing throughout the currency markets this week, you’d do well to expect something a little different. Even though the currency had some good results, they were mixed in with some rather different ones as well.


Marginal Movements This Week on the Currency Markets

Posted May 20, 2013

Sometimes the US dollar is able to achieve great results against other currencies, but it was not to happen this week. Instead we saw a range of ups and downs, pointing to a tough week all in all – although the end result wasn’t too bad.


Is the End Better Than the Beginning?

Posted May 13, 2013

Sometimes a trading week will be split into two halves, with one half performing distinctly better for a currency than the other. Would this week turn out to be much like this for the US dollar?


Would This Be a Week of Two Halves?

Posted May 09, 2013

Some weeks provide us with a distinctive pattern on the currency markets. Would this be one of them? It certainly seemed as if the dollar was mirroring its efforts across the markets when we looked at separate currencies.


Mixed Fortunes and Mixed Results on the Currency Markets

Posted April 30, 2013

Some weeks bring good news and some bring bad – while others bring a mix of both. Which version would turn out to be the truth this week, and would the US dollar come out on top or not?


A Reasonable Week for the US Dollar

Posted April 24, 2013

There were some interesting results in store for the US dollar this week. With no single pattern in evidence as we explored the results, it seemed it had more power against some currencies than others. Find out what happened here.


A Challenging Week for the US Dollar

Posted April 16, 2013

Some weeks are more challenging than others for some currencies, and this was definitely a challenging time when it came to the US dollar. Here we can find out why this was the case, and see how it performed on a daily basis.


A Shorter Week After the Easter Break for the US Dollar

Posted April 09, 2013

With just four days to play with this week, it was clear the US dollar had its work cut out for it. Let’s see whether the dollar could achieve some good results against other currencies, or whether it would finish up on a lower rate.


A Shorter Week for the US Dollar

Posted April 04, 2013

Easter arrived on Friday, meaning the US dollar had just four days to work with when it came to getting good results against the other major currencies of the world. Which ones would get the better of it?


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