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A Tough Week for the American Currency

Posted September 05, 2017

Not every week can be a good one for every currency on the markets, and this week looked to be the turn of the American dollar to navigate some rough seas.


A Mix of Results this Week for the US Dollar

Posted August 31, 2017

Sometimes, you can never tell what is going to happen next. The US dollar had some good days this week, but as you’ll see, they were often followed by disappointment.


Moderate Good News Here and There for the US Dollar

Posted August 22, 2017

If you want good news, we have some this week, but perhaps not as much as you’d have liked. Either way, we’ve got all the details of how the US dollar fared on the markets against the European currencies this week.


A Real Mix of Fortunes for the American Dollar

Posted August 14, 2017

Sometimes, there is no clear pattern to follow as the US dollar takes on a variety of European currencies. This would be one of those weeks, as the results will shortly prove.


Looking for Good News Among the Bad This Week

Posted August 07, 2017

Some weeks were always going to be better than others. But this week, it would prove challenging to find anything good to report against the European currencies, as far as the US dollar was concerned.


Poor Results for the US Dollar – But Not in Every Part of Europe

Posted August 01, 2017

Some of the European currencies had a tough time in store for the American currency last week. But it didn’t spread to every currency around, as we will see.


Troubles Lie Ahead for the US Dollar

Posted July 31, 2017

This was not going to be a good week for the dollar. This became clear very quickly as the week began.


Mixed Fortunes and Hard Work for the US Dollar

Posted July 17, 2017

We’ve explored the ups and downs of the US dollar this week, and brought you the highlights below. How good (or bad) was it?


A Healthy Week for the US Dollar

Posted July 10, 2017

On the whole, this could be viewed as a good week for the American currency – albeit one with a blip later in the week.


A Hard Time for the US Dollar

Posted July 10, 2017

This would not be remembered as a great week for the US dollar. Far from it, in fact. We have all the details, but they don’t make good reading.


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