Earning More Money In Hard Times

Posted November 26, 2008

Job losses, struggling economies, plummeting currencies... it seems as if we are heading into a time of hardship that we haven’t seen in years. It isn’t surprising therefore that many more people are looking to earn more money than their current job is giving them. But which ways are best for doing this?


Whatever currency you are paid when it’s time to get your paycheck, you might sometimes look at it and wish you got more each time.

There can’t be many of us who don’t think along those lines, but there are other ways that you can earn some extra cash to help during these times of higher bills and less certainty in the job market.

For example, given the fact that we are heading towards the end of the year, you might be able to grab a part time or temporary sales job to help stores cope with the Christmas rush.  Even if this only lasts for a few weeks it will help you to weather the extra bills and outgoings you will get at this time of year.

Part time jobs are easiest to get locally to you, so keep your eyes open for any opportunities and make sure everyone knows that you are on the lookout for something.  Word of mouth counts for a lot when you need an extra position to bring another stream of income into the home, so don’t be afraid to talk to people.

But if you already have a full time job you might be wondering how on earth you could find time for another part time one.  The easiest option is to look for something at the weekends if you work Monday to Friday, but you could also think about working from home.

The main thing to remember if you are going to go down this route is not to get caught up in any scams that are doing the rounds online and offline nowadays.  If you have to pay out anything up front then it is very likely that you are looking at a scam.  You should always do your research on Google or Yahoo before committing to anything; this will turn up any negative (or positive) information that might be relevant.

If working from home appeals to you, you might like to make a start by reading about some other people who have already successfully made a go of it.  The Homeworking website has plenty of case studies from people who are doing just that, and you can select the ones you want to read at http://www.homeworking.com/library/case/studies.htm.

Of course, you don’t need to start a business to make some extra cash.  The auction site eBay gives you an excellent opportunity to make some money from all those belongings you have that you no longer want.  The trick to making the most of this is to go through your entire home room by room and figure out what you’d like to get rid of.

It might be an idea to put a few items on at a time though.  If you put lots on and they all sell you could be queuing to send them all through the mail for some time to come!

The point is that there are always ways to bring more money into the household.  The trick is to find ways that will appeal to you, and perhaps even bring out new skills that you have previously left undiscovered. 

There will always be some people who do nothing but worry about the state of the economy in their country, but this isn’t the most practical way to proceed.  Why not think about what you can do in your own situation instead?  Don’t copy what other people do, don’t panic that you might lose your job because it may not happen, and don’t assume there is nothing else you can do either.  There are always solutions and ways out, and even if you do lose your job you will be more confident about finding another one if you are already taking positive steps to bring more money in.

The one thing you need to remember is that you shouldn’t be spending out lots of money to try and earn more.  Even if you intend on building up a decent eBay business for example, start small and build up as your profits increase.  Don’t get a loan to start things off, because if it fails you will be left with another debt.

Keep positive, stay alert to opportunities and don’t give up.  There IS extra money there to be earned.