Japanese Yen Is Trouncing US Dollar

Posted October 16, 2009

In what has been a pretty poor month for the US dollar, there is more news of another currency that has got the better of it. This time it is the Japanese yen.


The Idea Of A Global Currency Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Posted October 16, 2009

Every now and again we hear news stories that mention the idea of a global currency. This is a single, dominating currency that every single country in the world would eventually use. No more foreign exchange markets, no more trading on a daily basis, and no more famous currencies like the dollars and the pounds and the Euro – yes, even the Euro – would grace our daily lives.


Swiss Franc Shows Its Strength

Posted October 16, 2009

The US dollar certainly seems to be going through a rough patch at the moment. Even though most currencies have been doing strange things since the recession got underway, the dollar has found it particularly hard going lately.


Good Times For The Yen?

Posted October 12, 2009

Sometimes all we hope for in the currency markets is a rising currency. There could be many reasons for this, but undoubtedly one of the strongest is the fact that some currencies have had a bad time of late. Just look at the British pound for example – a low value there might be helping exports to other countries, but it would still be good to see it with a higher value.


Could The End Of The European Recession Be In Sight?

Posted October 06, 2009

It feels like a dream, but it could actually be a reality. According to the many reports which have surfaced online in recent days, the Euro zone could be almost at the turning point. It could soon be in recovery after a recession that has affected millions of people.


Are There Drugs On That Banknote?

Posted October 06, 2009

It has been known for some time that some US banknotes have traces of the drug cocaine on them when tested for it. Not all of them have the drug present, but the vast majority does.


New Zealand Dollar Does Too Well?

Posted October 06, 2009

The financial news is always full of reports about currencies that are doing badly. It makes for good drama, after all.


The Bouncing Canadian Dollar – Is It On The Up Or On Its Way Down Again?

Posted October 06, 2009

Some currencies just beg to be watched closely virtually all the time. And we can certainly say that of the Canadian dollar.


The Canadian Dollar Takes A Dive After A Great Month Against The US Dollar

Posted September 03, 2009

It always seems to be the case that you can’t keep the US dollar down. Every time a currency from another country gets a foothold against it, it strikes back and pummels it back into its rightful place again.


A Step Up For The Chinese Currency

Posted September 03, 2009

If you have been watching the news or catching it online on one of the many currency related news sites recently, you will have noticed that China has been popping up quite a bit.


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