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A Mixed Week that Ended on a Bad Note for the US Dollar

Posted January 16, 2017

This week looked promising to start with. It ended up being anything but. While some weeks result in the US dollar coming out on top, it was difficult to see whether this would be the case when things got underway. You’re about to see what happened next.


The US Dollar Begins to Trade in 2017

Posted January 10, 2017

The US dollar went through its fair share of drama in 2016. Chances are the same will happen this year too. Here, we explore what happened when it traded against three major European currencies for the first week of 2017.


A Troubled Final Week of 2016 for the US Dollar

Posted January 04, 2017

It would not be the best of weeks for the US dollar this time around. Perhaps we could seek out the odd good result here and there to temper the bad news?


Mixed Blessings for the US Dollar This Week

Posted January 04, 2017

Mixed blessings and mixed results too, as we would shortly find out. The US dollar could end up going either way this week.


An Interesting Week for the US Dollar

Posted January 04, 2017

This would be a week that started with worries over its position against other currencies, and finished with some surprises in store.


Would This Be a Troubling Week for the US Dollar?

Posted December 12, 2016

Some weeks are borne of greater struggles than others, and it looked as though this might be one of them.


A Difficult Week in Part for the US Dollar

Posted December 06, 2016

There was no telling whether the US currency would have a good week or not to start with. In fact, what we saw initially turned out to be very different come the end of the week.


A Mixed Bag of Results for the US Dollar

Posted November 29, 2016

The currency markets are always hard to predict, but this week we had a real mixed bag to dip into. Let’s reveal the results now.


An Impressive Performance for the US Dollar

Posted November 29, 2016

For the most part, this was a good week for the US dollar. There were a couple of rough days, but even then it did not lose much ground against a raft of European currencies.


A Week of Two Halves?

Posted November 16, 2016

This week would start in one way and end in another, as we are about to find out.


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