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What Would Happen for the US Dollar This Week?

Posted December 30, 2013

It would be a challenging week this time around for sure, but exactly how challenging would it be? Let’s find out the answers as we get the latest figures from the currency markets.


The Dollar Struggles to Achieve Much This Week

Posted December 10, 2013

Some weeks are packed full of results that don’t see much in the way of good or bad results. However this week would turn out to be a struggle for the US dollar as it tried its best to tread water throughout the week.


Seesaw Results for the US Dollar

Posted December 04, 2013

Some weeks are frustrating – resulting in a series of good and bad results, depending on which way you look at things. This week produced some results that had us feeling encouraged one minute and frustrated the next. Clearly the US dollar was in for a rough ride this week.


An Understated Week for the Currencies on the Markets

Posted November 18, 2013

Some weeks are certainly more dramatic than others when it comes to the currency markets. This week didn’t look like it was going to be one of them, but where would that leave the US dollar?


Ups and Downs are Par for the Course

Posted November 12, 2013

You’d expect ups and downs as part of the ebb and flow of the currency markets. But it’s interesting to see how and why these ups and downs happen, and to notice they occur against quite different currencies at the same time too.


Will the Challenges Be Met With Success or Failure By the US Dollar?

Posted November 06, 2013

Some weeks are invariably more challenging than others when different currencies vie to get the better of each other on the currency markets. If you want to find out what happened between some of the biggest currencies on the markets last week, keep reading.


Was There a Good Finish in Store for the US Dollar This Week?

Posted October 28, 2013

This would be a week of mixed fortunes for the US dollar. Small raises here, small losses there – but which way would things swing to close out the week, and would it result in a good finish or a bad one?


Rises and Falls – But Which Canceled Out the Other?

Posted October 22, 2013

Most weeks on the currency markets see good and bad results, but it varies as to which ones end up canceling out the others. This week we’d see a fair number of ups and downs on the markets, so how would the US dollar fare overall?


A Mixture of Good and Bad

Posted October 22, 2013

Some weeks provide a pattern of mixed results that don’t point to an overall success or failure for certain currencies. This was certainly the case this week for the US dollar, as you’ll see here.


More Challenges for the US Dollar This Week

Posted October 22, 2013

Let’s check out the position the US dollar was in last time around, as it competed against all manner of other currencies on the markets. Find out more now as we delve into the exchange rates for last week.


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