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Tough Times Ahead for the US Dollar?

Posted June 30, 2014

Some weeks invariably bring tougher challenges than others and it looked as though this might be one of those weeks for the dollar. Let’s take a closer look to see if this was in fact the case.


A Real Mixed Bag of Results for the US Dollar This Week

Posted June 23, 2014

Some weeks generate a mixed selection of results throughout, and this looked to be one of those weeks. Let’s check out the US dollar and its results through the week as time went on.


Small Gains and Losses for the US Dollar

Posted June 16, 2014

Some weeks feel as if they’re filled with mini battles everywhere you look. Maybe this would be one of them as the US dollar battled against all kinds of European currencies.


Struggles on a Daily Basis for the Dollar

Posted June 10, 2014

We know the currency market has its ups and downs but would this week have more of one than the other for the US dollar? All the answers you need are below.


The US Dollar Shows Other Currencies What It’s Made Of

Posted June 03, 2014

The US dollar is known to be the biggest reserve currency in the world. But is it always the strongest performer? Let’s see how well it did last week against a number of European currencies.


Would This Week Bring a Better Performance From the Dollar?

Posted May 28, 2014

The US dollar brings in lots of diverse results when compared to other currencies. Now let’s compare it to several European currencies to see how it performs there.


The US Dollar Experiences Some Ups and Downs

Posted May 28, 2014

Some weeks prove to be more memorable than others on the currency markets – but would this be one of them? Read our report and decide for yourself whether the US dollar could have done better last week.


Hard Fought Gains Were on the Cards This Week

Posted May 12, 2014

Some weeks seem like the currencies are wading through treacle to get to where they want to be. It certainly seemed the case for the US dollar this week, as it struggled to get any traction against the most important European currencies.


Troublesome Results in Store for the US Dollar

Posted May 07, 2014

Sometimes the US dollar has a rougher time against some of the European currencies. This would be one of those times. The week would be punctuated with reasonable comebacks but there were not enough of them to provide the best range of results we could have wanted.


Would the Easter Break Bring a Refreshed Dollar?

Posted April 28, 2014

Tuesday saw the first day back after Easter and the first day of trading after a four day break. Would there be some good results to celebrate once the trading began again?


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